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16 January 2011 @ 03:33 pm
frequently asked questions  
How does this community work?

You claim a fandom, pairing, or character and then you write 100 drabbles

How long should a drabble be?

A drabble is supposed to be 100 words, but we'll say that anything between 100-300 words will count, since writing exactly 100 words each time is difficult. If you want to make a goal to write 100 each time, though, that is perfectly fine with us!

How long do I have to write all 100 drabbles?
After three months with no activity, your claim will be recycled for someone else to take. This does not mean you have to finish your drabbles in three months, just that you have to have at least worked on them and posted.

How many claims can I have at one time?

You can have up to two claims at one time.

What types of claims can I make?
Anything you want! General series, characters, pairings, crossovers, original fiction...etc...etc..

Can I mix and match the two tables?
No. You must claim one table and stick to it the whole way through.

How should I post?
You will get posting access once your claim has been accepted. All drabbles should either be behind a LJ cut or a fake cut.

Your subject line should include all the following information: FANDOM; CLAIM; PROMPT

Use the following template when posting:
Title (if you have one):
Word count:
Author's Notes:

Can I post my old stuff?
No...the point of this is to get your muses flowing with new material.

Can I cross-post somewhere else? 

But of course!

Where can I contact the mods?

Go HERE to page-a-mod with questions and comments.